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  • Magento...

    ...has become the standard for small and medium size businesses who want to adopt e-commerce. InheritWeb provide deployment, theme development and custom module development services on the Magento platform.

  • Bespoke systems...

    ...from requirements gathering to technical design and on to implementation, InheritWeb offer services to help turn your software project into a reality. With long and varied experience InheritWeb can help you define a project that is deliverable.

  • Contract development... offered for established projects that need extra capacity to meet the requirments on time. Experienced in a range of modern tools and methods, InheritWeb can join in with your established SDLC hitting the ground running.

  • Websites...

    ...whether it's for your business or your blog, InheritWeb can help your get something online cheaply and quickly. We will help you choose the right CMS system and get established. Websites don't need to cost the earth any more but a bit of professional polish will make you look good.

  • Email marketing... a very useful way to keep in touch with your customers. There are many ways to achieve easy and painless email list management and InheritWeb can help you work out which is the best for you and get you set up so you can start sending emails.

  • Training... available for those who wish to acquire the skills in-house. Tailored courses are provided for one or more participants on a range of subjects.